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30 Day Challenge – Day 7

Things That Make You Happy.

Ahh, this should be a nice one.  Contrary to popular opinion, actually no, it’s not popular opinion, it’s only one person who has suggested that I’m a competely negative person who is unable to enjoy or find fun in anything; there are a great deal of things that make me happy.

I shall endeavour to make like the Lexster and come up with 25 things that make me happy:

1.  Morris.  Morris makes me happy in so many different ways, but my absolute favourite thing is watching him run.  He looks so happy, and doesn’t have a care in the world.  Just the sight of Morris charging around the field makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

2.  Morris again – when he high fives, yawns, or does his cute little growl when he’s excited.

3.  Being stupid with Charlie.  We’ve known each other for almost 8 years, and despite our regular ups and downs, we are still best friends.  We have a very similar sense of humour, and we’re both incredibly childish.  When Charlie’s on form, he can make me laugh like no one else can.

4.  Grace.  She makes me happy just by simply being her.

5.  Adam and Joe.  After a 6 month break I’m back listening to their podcasts.  They never fail to make me feel cheerful.

6.  Talking to Lexington.  We talk every day.  I like the constant banter we have going, and I like the fact that she’s completely on my wavelength.

7.  Music, particularly The Shins, and pretty much anything James Mercer does.

8.  Exercise.  Whether it’s going to the gym, running with Morris, or doing ballet at home.  Exercise is definitely something that’s guaranteed to lift my spirits.

9.  Playing with Joshua, AKA the cutest little boy in the world.  I love it when he comes and cuddles up to me.  It makes me feel special (needs)

10.  Sunny, not windy, days.

11.  Thursday night kebabs with Charlie.

12.  The first cup of tea of the day, or in my case, the first two.  Mmm, tea…

13.  A new series of my favourite TV shows, such as Dexter or Breaking Bad, coming out.  But then that is also tinged with a sadness that a) I can’t watch every episode at once and b) the series will end at some point.

14.  Making cards – and by this I mean actually making cards, as opposed to my usual procrastination which involves mainly just moving my stuff around the desk.

15.  Feeling that I’ve achieved something.  This doesn’t happen often, so when it does it’s mega.

16.  My flat.  I LOVE my home.  It’s my favourite place in the entire world.  When I’m away, even just over night, I can’t wait to get home.  It’s taken me so long to get to a place where I have my own home that I appreciate it every single day.  I lived, for a long time, with many of my belongings in storage, so now, having all of my things around me makes me very happy indeed.

17.  The amazing welcome I receive from Morris when I arrive home from being out.  Whether I’ve been out for 3 hours or 3 minutes, he’s always ridiculously pleased to see me.

18.  Realising that I mean something to someone.

19.  When the company I buy my card making supplies from brings out a new range.  Most recently their new spring designs have got me pretty excited.

20.  Buttons – Kind of weird, I know, but I have stacks of buttons (along with ribbon, fabric, felt, wool…) and I like to get them all out and look at them every now and then.  My favourite are all the vintage buttons I have acquired all stored in equally wonderful vintage tins.

21.  Following on from that: Etsy, the most wonderful website ever!!  Think Ebay for handmade items.  I could spend hours just browsing through the shops on Etsy, marvelling at the wonderful things that clever people make.  I actually have a shop on there myself, and used to do quite well, but unfortunately depression got the better of me and my motivation dwindled…  I’ll get back on it sometime soon and hopefully add that to the list of things that make me happy.

22.  Having projects.  I like nothing better than tackling a big project – currently converting my storage room into a playroom for Grace.  I love going through magazines looking for inspiration and designing how a room is going to look.  Then, when it’s finally finished, it’s the best feeling ever.

23.  Actually managing to drag my sorry arse out occasionally to see friends or just go for a walk.  Unfortunately my depression can sometimes get so bad that I can’t face leaving the flat for days or weeks on end, even though I know that going getting out is invariably going to make me feel better.

24.  Live music.  LOVE.  I don’t go to nearly enough gigs any more, but occasionally I do manage to make it to the odd one.  This year I have seen The Black Keys and The Shins, both of which were awesome.  I’m lucky that I have someone like Charlie in my life who keeps me up to date on music, and buys tickets to see the bands I love.  If I didn’t have him to do it for me I don’t think I’d ever get out to see anyone.

25.  Lastly, something as simple as having a good day.  It doesn’t have to have been an amazing day, and nothing special has to happen; just a day where I’ve managed to stay reasonably happy and calm is good enough for me.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 6

Pet Peeves

Well excited about this one.  I have absolutely loads, which I think makes me probably one of the most irritable people in the world.

A fair amount of mine involve physical contact, so I’ll group them all together:

1.  Touching.  If you must insist on touching me, be it holding my hand or placing your hand on my leg, DO NOT fidget.  There’s nothing worse than having someone’s hand on my leg for a period of time and then having them move said hand, leaving a warm patch that quickly becomes cold.  If you want to put your hand on me, you must keep it still.

2.  Feeling another person’s breath on my skin.

3.  Strangers touching me on public transport – which is actually one of the main reasons why I no longer use public transport, unless I absolutely have to.

Other things:

4.  People who eat foul smelling food on public transport without consideration for other travellers, particularly ME, who doesn’t like anything.  I WILL glare at you throughout your entire journey.

5.  Bad spelling or grammar.  Particularly those who don’t seem to understand the difference between “there”, “their”, and “they’re”.  It’s really not difficult.  Shape up!!

6.  People may not sneeze more than 3 times in a row (of quick succession) in my presence.

7.  People who STILL use 100 plastic carrier bags for their shopping, instead of re-usable bags or recycling their old ones.  Also, carrier bags in general get on my nerves, I HATE them.

8.  People who use ‘text speak’ instead of spelling words properly – I’m with you on that one Lex, and people who feel the need to say ‘lol’ after every fucking sentence.  Fuck off and laugh properly.  Idiots.

9.  Overly and unnecessarily confident people.  There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance folks.

10.  People who wave from boats/open top buses.  Woohoo, you’re on holiday.  Well done you!  Who are you waving at?  Do you know the people you’re waving to?  No?  Don’t fucking wave then.  It’s smug, and highly annoying.

11.  Queues/waiting rooms.  I HATE queuing.  Post offices, supermarkets….  Waiting in queues for too long, with stupid people dithering in front of me can make me feel like I actually want to die.  Also, waiting at my Doctor’s surgery.  She ALWAYS runs over time, and you are guaranteed a wait of at least half an hour after your appointment time.  If I arrive for my scheduled appointment time, I expect to be seen at that time, not wait a further 30-40 minutes (last week an entire hour!!).

12.  Following on from that – people who dither.  Charlie is guilty of being a bit of a ditherer and he knows how much it annoys me.

13.  Swimming pool changing rooms.  There’s something about other people’s dirt and scum, combined with the wetness that just makes me extremely uncomfortable.   And of course, there’s always the possibility of wet plasters, the mere thought of which brings me out in a cold sweat.

14.  Noisy eaters.  This should be top of the list.  Man, I fucking hate people who can’t eat quietly.  Once I’ve noticed that a person is chewing loudly, snorting, or gulping their food down I can’t concentrate on anything else, and it will invariably ruin my whole dining experience.

15.  Those who do not follow the rules of ‘pavement etiquette’.  This is actually more Charlie’s pet peeve, but it’s trasferred to me too.  I can’t bear it when I’m trying to get somewhere and there are people ahead of me walking ridiculously slowly, and blocking up the pavement so that I can’t get past.

There’s plenty more, but I thought I should probably wrap it up at 15.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 5

Whoop!  I’m finally catching up.

A Song That Inspires You.

Cat Stevens – Don’t be Shy


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30 Day Challenge – Day 4

Your Parents

Oh yay, I was looking forward to this one…

So, my parents are named Bob and Margaret.  My Father is a retired IT Consultant, who now works part-time at a local branch of Homebase, and my Mother is a housewife and Avon representative.  They live in a cute bungalow near Bognor Regis, having recently moved out of my childhood home for a quieter life as they entered retirement.

My Dad, Bob, enjoys gardening and spends a great deal of his time working on his allotment.  His tomatoes are amazing, and I always make sure I pinch a load of his fruit and vegetables when I visit.  My Mum tends to prefer staying at home, obsessively watching all of the soaps and indulging in her favourite hobby, decopage.

None of that is true, and to be honest I actually started to bore myself with what, quite frankly, turned out to be the lamest fantasy parents ever!!

Regular readers of my blog will know a great deal about my parents so I’m not going to bother covering old ground.  Suffice to say, they ain’t that good…!

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30 Day Challenge – Day 3

First Love

This one has been hard for me, clearly, as I’ve been procrastinating about it for over a week.  I find the whole concept of love very confusing and I’m unsure as to whether I really know how it feels to be in love.  I’ve said it, and I’ve felt love from other people, but I’m not so sure if I’ve actually felt it myself.  I’ve looked back over all of my relationships, particularly that with my very first boyfriend, and I’ve tried to think whether I’ve been in love at any point, but I always seem to draw a blank.  But then I realised that there is one person that I know for sure I’ve loved, right from the very moment they came into my life, and that love has always been so strong and pure.

I am, of course referring to the love between a Mother and a Daughter.  The love that I feel for Grace.  Whilst the love between a parent and child is different to that of a boyfriend and girlfriend, I think it’s still valid; and as this love that I’ve felt has never confused me or made me question whether I am indeed a robot, I think that it qualifies as being my first love.

So yeah, first love is Grace, The Gracester.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 2


Hmm..  I have had many nicknames throughout my life.  Some I’ve hated, and others I’ve not minded too much.  I don’t really like my name, so pretty much anything else is preferable.

The first nickname I ever had was given to me by my parents: Fluffy or Fluff.  I HATED it.  It was the bane of my life from the moment I got it, right through to my early 20’s.  Fluffy – not so bad when you’re under 10, but when you’re a teenager and begin to bring friends or boyfriends home and your parents think it is hysterical to yell “FLUFFY?!!” up the stairs at you it can be tres embarrassing.

Next we have school.  School was the time where I was probably given the most nicknames.  All were in reference to my appearance.  Actually, that’s a lie; some were variations of my surname.

So, I had:

Twiggy, Sparrow Legs, Skelator – all in reference to my thinness; then Monkey, Gummi Bear, and Horse face. Which were all more specific to my face and my smile.  Apparently, according to my peers, I looked like both a Monkey and a horse simultaniously.  So I guess we have to imagine some kind of horse/monkey hybrid, and that’s what my face looks like.

Variations of my surname – Wooly, Woolymorish, Morewool.

In adulthood I have adopted more pleasing names that I don’t object to being called.  Most notably:


Bumface, or Baby Bumface

Miss Stycone Zoolomore (which is how my middle and surname appear on predictive text)

All from Charlie.  I actually have a magazine subscription at the moment which was a gift from Charlie that is adressed to Miss Laurence Zoolomore.  Which makes me smile every month when it arrives.

Nowadays, most people call me Woolmore! People rarely refer to me using my first name, unless they’re angry with me.

Oh, and Lexington calls me Loz.

That is all.



30 Day Challenge – Day One

I’ve pinched this from Lexi.  I’m finding it difficult to write at the moment as I don’t really feel like I have anything remotely interesting to say, which is stupid because I’ve not yet written about going to see The Shins last week, and it was literally all I could talk about for a week prior to going…   Anyway, hopefully this will help kick-start my writing again.

Day One –   A recent picture of you, and 15 facts.

Arghhh, this is going to be hard.  I can’t think of 15 things about myself that anyone could possibly want to know.

1.  I am very tall, for a girl, and I have freakishly small feet for my height.  My 10 year old daughter actually wears the same size shoe as me.

2.  I am brilliant at Scrabble.

3.  I drink enough tea per day to supply a small country of tea drinkers.  In fact, in the morning when I first get up I make two cups of tea at a time to avoid having to get up too often.

4.  I find it impossible to say the word ‘special’ without adding the word ‘needs’ to it.

5.  I cannot do cartwheels or handstands.

6.  I simply cannot pass a penny without picking it up.  This can sometimes lead to difficulties on busy streets or when I’m cycling.

7.  When I was at college I wanted to be an Archaologist.  I still kind of do.

8.  I really do not like people cracking their bones.  Like fingers and such.  BUT, I absolutely love having my back cracked, and think nothing of allowing a 12 stone man to walk on my back.  There is generally a concern that I might snap, but I really like it.

9.  I am not all at squeamish and could happily sit and watch a documentary about surgery, seeing all the body parts.

10. I’m fascinated by Hitler.

11. I genuinely think that my Daughter is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  And not just because I’m her Mum and I have to.

12. I’m obsessed by the sixties, and pretty much dress like I’m from that decade most of the time, apart from when I’m at home in my pyjamas.

13. I harbour an intense dislike of a certain 3 Hollywood stars – Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and Renee Zellweger.  I’m really not sure why, but I HATE them with a passion.

14. Nothing terrifies me more (apart from fish) than the idea of a plaster floating by me in a swimming pool.

15. My favourite artist is Henri Matisse.

Now for the recent picture.  This photo was taken last week at The Shins’ gig.  I was happy.

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